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If you are looking for a simpler, quieter beach experience for your next family vacation, give one of our Fort Morgan house rentals a try. This quiet little peninsula is perfect for those vacationers who want to relax, to get away from everyday life, and experience beach life in its purest form. Experience smaller crowds, less development, and more nature. A simpler, quieter beach vacation for you from us at Harris Vacation Rentals.

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Beach & Nature

It’s easy to get close to nature at Fort Morgan; the peninsula is almost all beach! The kids will be able to hunt for shells and sand dollars all day, and swim in the surf without fighting for space. There’s plenty of room for building sandcastles and friendly family volleyball games. Stroll along the beach searching for that perfect shell to add to your collection, perfect your tan, or just lay back and bask in the sun while you read the latest thriller – all without the large crowds and noise of other Gulf coast beaches. Many of our Fort Morgan house rentals have direct beach access, so the kids can get a head start on the fun while you have that last cup of coffee on the deck and keep an eye on them as they splash in the surf. When you’re tired of the beach (is that really possible?), just sit on your rental’s porch and enjoy the sea breeze while you watch the dolphins and seagulls. And less crowded means quieter walks along the surf in the moonlight with your partner.

Teach the kids to fish or get more practice yourself. Fish from the surf, from one of the public piers, or charter a boat for a fishing adventure. Imagine the memories you’ll make when you and the kids catch something fresh for dinner, then grill it up! Serious fishermen will appreciate our rentals with private fishing and boat docks. No fighting for space here. Bring your family’s boat or rent what you need from the local marina. Or charter a fishing adventure; many of the local charter companies offer family and kid friendly fishing tours. Your entire family will love spending time out on the bright blue Gulf waters fishing or looking for the local bottlenose dolphin pods.

The entire family can spend time together hiking or biking along one of the trails in the Bon Secour Wildlife Nature Refuge. Trails run through several different coastal habitats, and come in different difficulties and lengths, just choose the one best for your group. From the beach dune community to its anchoring maritime forest to the wetlands with freshwater and brackish marshes and swamps, your family will experience some of the state’s remaining undisturbed coastal barrier habitat and the ever-changing environment it contains. Each habitat has its own atmosphere, vegetation, and wildlife. Start a friendly family competition as you hike along the trails to see who can find the most animals – alligators, turtles, hawks, herons. Extra points for foxes and bobcats!


Immerse the kids in history in a way they’ll enjoy as you explore the pentagonal-shaped masonry of Fort Morgan. This historic fort has been guarding the Gulf Coast since the War of 1812 and its grounds also feature a boat launch, picnic area and public beaches as well as the fort itself. For even more fun, plan your visit to the Fort when they are running the Escape Room (you’re a captured spy in the civil war, can you escape?), doing a reenactment, or firing the canon.

Take the entire family on a day trip to Dauphin Island. Take the ferry across Mobile Bay, where the Civil War Battle of Mobile Bay took place and where Union Admiral David Farragut yelled his famous “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” line.

Amenities in Our Fort Morgan House Rentals

Now that the kids have spent the entire day on the beach, they’re worn out and hungry and so are you. Luckily, all of our Fort Morgan family rentals have fully equipped kitchens where you can easily keep all those hungry mouths fed. Since you are on vacation, order take out from a local restaurant and bring home some fresh seafood or a pizza (or get it delivered) so everyone can sprawl out on the private back porch enjoying the sea breeze while they eat. You can also stay inside and enjoy the cool air conditioning while you dine. Don’t worry, you can still enjoy that prime beach view out one of the many wide windows overlooking the dunes and bright blue Gulf waters.

And the open, airy floor plans in our family rentals make it easy to keep track of all your little ones too, or to gather everyone together for a family movie night. The free Wi-Fi makes it easy to stream your kids’ favorites.

Make Memories in Our Fort Morgan House Rentals

This is the vacation your family will remember – hiking together through maritime forest and swamps, exciting fishing expeditions and family walks along the beach under the stars. A time of togetherness that everyone will remember.

Let our staff at Harris Vacation Rentals Fort Morgan AL help you plan your quiet family vacation this year. We can match you up with the perfect Fort Morgan house rentals – beachfront or a condo in a community where you will have access to all the extras (swimming pool, fitness center, and more). Give us a call today and start planning those memories.