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Gulf Shores is the perfect quiet beach town to relax in. And if you do want to go out and see the city, you can still relax while doing it! Try some of these relaxing activities in Gulf Shores Alabama:

Tread the Grounds of Fort Morgan

Although it’s a half-hour drive west from Orange Beach, Fort Morgan keeps getting visitors from all over Baldwin County. Far from the military pomp of its heyday, today the quiet grounds let visitors come in and guide themselves around the area, exploring the quiet Fort and letting history play out in their mind’s eye. Bring along a picnic and enjoy the sound of the nearby waves while you eat.

Ride Up the Ferris Wheel

Orange Beach’s Wharf can be a busy place—it’s home to some of the best restaurants and lots of shopping options. But when you want to take a break, head toward the Ferris Wheel, where you can literally rise above all the commotion. The leisurely ride will give you lovely views of the area, and are a perfect way to feel completely alone with someone.

Visit an Art Gallery

What’s more calming than an art gallery? We have several here to choose from, each of them offering something different thanks to the unique blending of different local artists gathered there. Some of the galleries even have art available for purchase; if you have room in the suitcase, a hung painting is a fabulous way to retain memories of your trip!

Tino’s Fine Arts and Frames is on Alabama’s Coastal Connection south of Portage Creek, the Gulf Coast Arts Alliance is on 24th Avenue between 1st and 2nd Street, and the Susan McCollough Gallery is on Cypress Bend Drive.

Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

This isn’t nearly as quiet a place as the others mentioned, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t relaxing! The “Little Zoo that Could” boasts an impressive array of animals for how small the city is, with over 500 animals present. Take your time and browse the exhibits at your leisure; a zoo is definitely an area where you can go at your own pace, just like the animals.

Take a Cruise on Your List of Activities in Gulf Shores Alabama

The waters of the Gulf can be very relaxing, especially when someone else is at the helm! If you want to go out on the Gulf, there are several places who’ll take you. High Pressure Charters is just one of many Orange Beach-based cruise charters. Sunset cruises, dolphin cruises, and more are perfect for relaxing and getting some stellar photos!

Have it All with Harris Vacation Rentals

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