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You are living the dream! You own your own perfect spot in the sand along the beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast. But that dream is turning into a nightmare, with high management fees, less than expected annual rental revenue, and an endless array of nickel and dime charges. Owning your own vacation home is becoming more trouble than it’s worth. However, before you throw in the towel on the potential to make a good profit on your investment, you should know that there is a solution out there.

Harris Vacation Rentals Management is the answer! We have built our company from the ground up to be owner focused and owner driven. We are owners ourselves and have been for over 30 years! We know what property owners want and will work tirelessly to provide you with the best owner experience on the Alabama Gulf Coast. Let us make your vacation home live up to the dream you always believed it could be with our Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan and Orange Beach property management services!

Benefits of Hiring a Vacation Property Management Company

The right property management company can add great value to your real estate investment, and there are several benefits to hiring us for your Gulf Shores area property management needs.

  • Relieve Your Stress: We will take the day-to-day burdens that come with overseeing a vacation property off your shoulders so you can focus on other aspects of life. You will no longer have to worry about completing paperwork, collecting money, dealing with sudden emergencies, etc.
  • Reduce Vacancy Cycles: We will always be working hard to bring in new renters to keep your property booked throughout the year. We understand how to effectively market your vacation rental so that it stands out among the competition and attracts Alabama’s coastline visitors.
  • Maintain Property: We set a high standard for the properties we represent for both the sake of our guests and owners. This means you can rest assured that we have a strong commitment to keeping rentals in top condition. It will remain clean and maintained to avoid costly repairs as much as possible.

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William (Bill) Moquin

Since the outset, I have had no problems with the rentals as Brian and company take care of everything including cleaning and maintenance. We chose to use a laundry service, as part of their recommendation, and that has worked well for us. Brian does a great job, very professional!

-William (Bill) Moquin

James & Tanya Callan

We first were introduced to Harris Vacation Rentals in renting their beach houses for my family each year. They were wonderful to deal with then and now as new owners we also give them high accolades. Brian Harris and his staff are business savvy, honest, friendly, and always a pleasure to work with. We look forward to many more years of them managing our properties!

-James & Tanya Callan

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Marketing Presentations

The Photos and Videos used to market your home are the most important piece of the marketing puzzle. We take new videos and photos with professional lenses and lighting then digitally enhance the them to optimize your homes marketing presentation.

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Contact our investment specialists to learn more about maximizing your rental income or to start the vacation home-buying process with our real estate experts. We will be glad to discuss any of your concerns regarding Gulf Shores, Orange Beach and Fort Morgan Property Management.

Brian Harris
Broker / CEO

Deb Wood, Realtor
Investment Specialist

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