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In the Gulf Shores area, you’ll find miles of pristine, sandy beaches, and tropical forests. This environment creates a habitat for gorgeous wildlife and creatures. Continue reading to learn more information about Gulf Shores wildlife watching and where to go to see spectacular displays of animals and plant life!

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Where to Go Gulf Shores Wildlife Watching

Gulf Shores wildlife watching is an experience unlike any other. The Gulf Shores are home to four different ecosystems with incredible biodiversity, including over 4,500 animal species. Read on to learn where to spot the best wildlife along Alabama’s Gulf Coast

Alabama Coastal Birding Trail

The Alabama Coastal Birding Trail is the perfect spot for bird watching and learning about the species of birds found in our area. The Gulf Shores-Orange Beach Loop of the trail features opportunities for bird observation, fishing, and relaxing on the beach shore.

Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo 


A trip to the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo gives visitors the chance to see animals up-close in a safe setting. With their intimate Animal Encounters, you can get up close and personal with fascinating creatures, such as lemurs, kangaroos, anteaters, and sloths. 

Alabama Gulf State Park

Head to Gulf State Park and up close and personal with the fish and wildlife of Gulf Shores. You can go fishing off of the largest pier on the Gulf Coast, paddleboard or kayak on Lake Shelby, or play a round of golf at the park’s golf course. 

Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge

No Gulf Shores wildlife watching list is complete without mentioning Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge. Stretching out over the course of 6,700 acres, Bon Secour was first established as a safe harbor to protect migratory birds, sea turtles, and endangered species, such as the Alabama beach mouse by providing them with a safe home. Over 100,000 people visit this refuge annually. The most popular activities to enjoy here include fishing, bird watching, and boating. You can also embark on self-guided tours of the refuge’s flora and fauna and hike through gorgeous trails.

Dolphin Cruises


Dolphin cruises out of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach provide boat riders with the remarkable chance to see dolphins in their natural habitat, including how they interact with one another and with visiting boats. On these cruises along the Gulf of Mexico, you can even catch sight of whales and manatees!

Monarch Butterfly Watching

Each year, the Gulf Shores experience the unbelievable beauty of the monarch butterfly migration. Monarch butterflies fly south for the winter during September and October and make their return trip in March and April. The journey, which takes them through the Gulf Shores area, spans a total of 3,000 miles and exposes visitors and locals alike to a spectacular array of color as the butterflies fill the sky and the forests.

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