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Imagine waking up and hearing the gulls cry out as they search for breakfast. Imagine not having to suffer through the harsh, irritating sound of leaf blowers and that annoying “beep beep beep” of vehicles backing up. Imagine just hearing the sounds of nature and silence. Now, that’s our kind of paradise. If it’s yours too, spend your next vacation in our isolated cottages in Gulf Shores, AL from Harris Vacation Rentals!

Area Amenities

Private. Secluded. Peaceful. Just a few words to describe the west end of this thin, little peninsula. This quiet, laid-back area is just the thing for those of us craving solitude. It’s easy to spend all day in our lovely cottages in Gulf Shores, AL, gazing out at the beach from the comfort of a lounger out on the deck.

Less crowded than other Gulf beaches, you’ll be able to spread out on the beach in front of your rental while watching the dolphins frolic and the kids will have plenty of room for sand castle contests. A walk in the moonlight is so much more enjoyable without those other noisy beachgoers.

Take a break from the beach and tour the area. Guarding the coastline since the early 1800s, the pentagonal-shaped Fort Morgan offers a chance to step back in time. A quiet hike through the Bon Secour National Refuge will take you through various coastal habitats and a close encounter with wildlife (including gators!) may be in the mix too.

Amenities in Our Cottages in Gulf Shores, AL

Beachfront or beach adjacent, our isolated Gulf Shores cottages are right where you want to be. Large covered decks are just the spot for that first cup of coffee while you wait for the first glimpse of the sun as it slowly rises and spreads its warm glow out towards you. Our bay and back water rentals are quiet too. These rentals offer a relaxed water-centric experience. Perfect for those guests who are looking for a quiet place to fish and boat ‘til their heart’s content. All of our isolated vacation rentals have inviting, open floor plans where your entire family can gather for a family meal, or to watch a favorite movie. The free Wi-Fi allows you to stay in contact with the outside world – at your convenience.

Rent one of our isolated Gulf Shores cottages today and the soothing sound of the surf could be putting you to sleep soon. Give our staff a call today for help finding the perfect rental for your peaceful, secluded stay.