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You may be finding it difficult to keep working from home these days as those walls start to close in. So why not try something new? Relocate your home office to Gulf Shores! You can easily work at home while you’re at the beach! The bright white sands and blue ocean that are waiting for you just outside the window are a great incentive to get things done when you work from home in Gulf Shores.


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Take a Break

Take a break from your regular routine. A brisk swim or jog on the beach first thing in the morning will jump start your day, and a brisk swim or quick jog on the beach as an afternoon break will get you through that 3:00pm slump. Renting one of our beachfront Gulf Shores rentals makes it easy. Just a few steps down from your rental, and you’ll be on the beach! No time for a swim or jog? Just step out on to your private deck and breathe in that balmy air. You’ll be refreshed in no time at all. And an evening stroll along the surf, watching the reflection of the stars twinkling off the dark water, is the perfect way to end the day in one of our Gulf Shores working from home rentals.

Take the Time When You Work from Home in Gulf Shores

Arrange your schedule to allow a long break during the day, or wait for the weekend to take a half-day dolphin watching cruise or fishing excursion. Or spend your extended break perfecting your perfect tan.

Head to Gulf State Park for surf fishing, pier fishing, swimming, geocaching, and more. Hike or bike through the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trails as they wind through unique ecosystems including maritime forests, freshwater marshes and coastal hardwood swamps. This is prime photography country with white-topped pitcher plants, alligators, coyotes, foxes, white tailed deer, and maybe an elusive bobcat waiting for their close-ups.

Take Out or Dine In

Tacky Jack’s, The Hangout and LuLu’s are just a few of our local water and beach-front eating establishments. These fun, family friendly spots have live music, fresh local seafood and there’s always something going on! Dine in, or order your meal to go and dine out on your Gulf Shores working from home rental’s deck in private splendor.

Take Off Now

Wouldn’t your office be better with a view of the beautiful Gulf? Relocate your office to Gulf Shores, even temporarily, and get those creative juices flowing. Imagine all the great things you can do while at the beach! Give our friendly staff a call for help in setting up your office away from home.